About Pindar Creative

Pindar Creative had its’ origins in Pindar plc, a market leader for over 175 years. Now a subsidiary of Halstan Printing Group, we have retained the skill set and experience across multichannel domains.

Over the last 50 years in particular, we have developed a specialist service combining technology, experience and partnerships to maximise the effectiveness of publishing travel information.

Our ‘total solution’ approach has been specifically designed to handle all aspects of your publicity and internet requirements from design, data capture, conversion and management, typesetting, cartography, page make-up, online publishing, through to print production, storage and distribution. Because we are able to provide all these services within our group, we can have full control over your job. This means that when deadlines are inflexible or requirements are quite specific, we can respond immediately and ensure that the job runs smoothly.

Our passion to design, create, gather, manage and produce content has differentiated us from our competitors for many years and coupled with support from our highly skilled and experienced employees, will continue to do so in the years to come.

At Pindar Creative, we pride ourselves in establishing strong long-term relationships with our customers and helping them improve their own communications with their customers. Whether in print or via the internet, we can enhance these communications, using our understanding of the importance of content – and of delivering that content appropriately with the end user in mind.

view our website at http://www.pindarcreative.co.uk.